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Original of cancer formation



These two sentences seem to contradict eachother. Can someone who knows how this is supposed to read make it more clear?

"Substances that cause DNA mutations are known as mutagens, and mutagens that cause cancers are known as carcinogens."

"Many mutagens are also carcinogens, but some carcinogens are not mutagens."}


Talk for above

To Avoid the Contradiction, you must Deny that cancer is mutation cell. but most scientists believe that cancer is mutation cell. But straight evidence is not revealed. anyway some cancer cell have mutated position.

DNA mutations some times mean just changed DNA base pair. But some times mutations mean to mutate with evolution and certain function. The former mutations are simple but the latter mutations have huge mystery that is hard to explain.

"Substances that cause DNA mutations are known as mutagens, and mutagens that cause cancers are known as carcinogens."

In above sentence, I also have a doubt in statistics. There are too many cancer patients to say cancer cell is mutation cell.

Some cancer is virus based cancer. But other cancer is spontaneous cancer. And spontaneous cancer have short telomere(1) at last in this article and HeLa(HPV-18 positive cell line, virus based cancer) have long telomere(another virus based cancer have short telomere, it means that virus based cancer have no relation to the lenght of telomere).

"These two sentences seem to contradict eachother."

In above sentence, I agree your opinion. Some cancer cell have detectable mutation part. It means that some other cancer have not detectable mutation part. This is just guess but perhaps spontaneous cancer is not mutation cell.

Following is not proved and It is just a doubtful guess. But it's not swindle from a dishonest motive

Spontaneous cancers without any virus positive are maybe Programed Life Death(PLD) for generation shift. Human gene programed senescence and death as the process of generation shift. But some old man(The meaning of short telomere is old) doesn't concede his right to the next generations. So gene let him surrender his right to the next generations and die with induced tumor. In the wild, old animal get hunger so easily because of its weak power. But human's hunger doesn't depend on his or her physical power. Above tells about the ingestion of enough calories and the cancer formation

Short telomere have strong relation to spontaneous cancers at last in this article(1, full text of this article is free. Before read this article, you have to know that HeLa is HPV-18 positive cell line in other word virus based cancer) Above tells about the short telomere and the cancer formation

So perhaps the short telomere and the ingestion of enough calories are the key to cancer rise as a PLD. Cancer formation may be induced when somatic cells which have short telomere are exposed to urge to divide themselves. And virus negative cancer cell may divides itself without any lost of telomere length.


"Most cancer cells starve(die) and 4% of survived cells induce KRAS Pathway Mutations in 9mg/dl glucose(In To Maintaining Low Blood Sugar as a New Cancer Treatment, this writing exists just above in this pase)"

In above sentence, "KRAS Pathway Mutations" means the evolution for more intake of sugar and survival

some threat of life causes corresponding mutations(evolution) rarely. In other word, "KRAS Pathway Mutations" mean 0.5mM(9mg/dl) glucose is pretty strong threat for cancer cells.

REFERENCES Lange T, L Shiue, R M myers, et al: Structure and variability of human chromosome ends. Molecular and Cellular Biology 10:518-527, 1990

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