Wednesday, August 12, 2009

some programe for 'USB device is not recognized' problem only xp

It works only XP Just downlode and run this program and retry for USB memory driver.

downlod here just copy and paste the URL

P.s ; If you have an interest at new cancer treatment, take this imformations...

I have the method to destroy cancer but protect right cell. Poor calories made to starving, especially cancer tumor is easy to starving. Because Cancer is the wasting cells that cunsume highest energy for its groth. cunsume highest energy means easy to starving. Thus, if a cancer patient ingest only poor calories for a day, his or her cancer tumor must goes to starving

Amount of blood flow in one capillary is below 1.7 mL * 10 ^ -5 = 0.000017 mL per day. Only 0.000017mL/day means the cancer's own life depend on blood sugar level and times of that each levels

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