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Cancer patient may overcome the cancer because of malnutrition

Cancer patient may overcome the cancer with malnutrition.(Caution, It's only speculation without animal test because of my poorness)or The disadvantage of cancer in poor environment

I'm sorry about my awkward writing. I have just little english skill(I'm a foreigner). And I have no purpose that indispose you. That's the reason I'm sorry.

Cancer is disease and causes some malnutrition. But malnutrition causes what? It can cause dying? Some cancer that link up with hepatic portal vein or organs of digestion maybe can.(I guess) But many cancer patients are not serious malnutrition as you know. At last, in my knowledge, only few cancers cause serious malnutrition. So I guess the position of cancer is the important reason of serious malnutrition.(It has no evidence but theory; my subjective theory)

In my subjective theory, cancer generally absorbs sugar from blood but in special position(For example the hepatic portal vein), it can absorbs the sugar from nourishment before spread on the blood. Absorbing the sugar from nourishment cause serious malnutrition like some mass of helminths.

My genial sense aimed to take interest in malnutrition. Because my genial sense caught the fact from the people who overcame the cancer. In this fact, the most of them had an experience of some malnutrition that was caused by eating and drinking problems while the cancer exists.

In the common nature, cancer has no advantage and just absorbs the sugar from blood like a normal cell. But, generally, cancer absorbs much more sugar than normal cell does. Unfortunately, but actuality it means 'fortunately' for human beings, it can't be elucidated by cancer's absorbing ability. cancer has absorbing ability just like a normal cell has. Because normal cell and cancer are perfectly same cells like twins except few point. It's the problem of tendency but not the problem of competence. Cancer is not stronger than normal cells. Normal cell has a tendency to absorb sugar properly when it is necessary to maintain itself. But cancer absorb sugar as much as possible as it consumes much sugar for the segmentation and the growth. Normal cell can control itself in poor environment but cancer can not(cancer includes 'can', why can not? why it isn't can 'cer'? "......" it just a joke, sorry.). It's the important difference between cancer and normal cell. This difference may be the reason of miracle that the cancer get destroyed.

Now, I'll try to explain the disadvantage of cancer in poor environment with this difference. If you can't believe me, I'll tell you "As you will". Whatever your choice it is your own right. I'll do not force you to believe me. But I'll trust my own argument.

Before the explain, I'll put some facts and some speculations on this paper for easy explain.

1. Cancer gain nutriment and oxygen from capillary

Cancer gain nutriment and oxygen from capillary(Exactly, the blood in the capillary). This is true but I don't know who discover this fact. Anyway, the growth of cancer is too fast to make capillary for normal capillary cells. So the oxygen is stingier than that cancer want to cost. and the lack of oxygen promote the growth of capillary. {Biochemistry 6th edition, Jeremy M. Berg, John L. Tymoczko, Lubert Stryer, 438page, figure 16.21 Alteration of gene expression in tumors owing to hypoxia(hypoxia means the lack of oxygen)} As you know, hypoxia is related to anaerobic process. And anaerobic process cost much more glucose than aerobic process for same ATP.

2. One of reason that cancer costs much sugar may be anaerobic process.

3. cancer costs much sugar

I learned that cancer costs much sugar in university inorganic chemistry class. Professor tell us that cancer likes sugar and this character used for detecting cancer(Exactly, PET; positron emission tomography. that uses sugar with chase branch. I'm not sure the chase is a radioactive isotope or not. Exactly, I forgot that.)

4. In capillary, blood flow is very very slow.

width of total capillary is most big width in all of human blood vessel type. You can find explanation about this in high or middle school biology text book.

5. Some flower blooming related to time that exposed to sunlight.

Photoperiodism(W.W.Garner and H.A.Allard) is exactly that.

6. I guess that cancer growth related to time that exposed to enough sugar.

I guess sugar concentration and expose time is most important for cancer survival.

It is problem of input, store and cost. In low concentration, to store(or absorb) sugar costs much more energy than high concentration for same quantity. Osmotic pressure can explain the reason. In high concentration, cancer can store sugar(or ATP and etc) for low concentration. Cancer can survive without sugar input while the store(or energy) is not exhausted. Input of sugar related to store amount and cost amount. If input of sugar concentration is low or the time of Inputting is short, cancer may die of starving.

7. I have no idea about fat but I think to ingest no fat is good for cancer.

Membrane made of lipid. And phospholipid is important to membrane. And chemically, it's very hard to make lipid from carbohydrate. Carbohydrate have many hydroxyl groups. Hydroxyl group(R-COH-R) is more stable than carbon-hydrogen bond(R-CH2-R, R-CH=R). Carbohydrate is more stable than lipid.

8. I heard that cancer does not stop growing and segmenting.

It's not true? So, If It's not true, why cis-platinums attack segmenting cells( cis-platinums attack DNA. What is the evidence? that cis-platinums is cell cycle nonspecific. segmenting cells have only one important difference that only segmenting cells have mitosis phase and only mitosis phase exposes the DNA directly to danger of chemical attack for few minutes).

In korea education site, "cancer can not stay in G0 and that is reason that cancer segments without stopping." I'm not sure it's true. But I guess this site is believable. Unfortunately, it's korean site.


Fortunately, I find it In english. At the last sentence of this site


The disadvantage of cancer in poor environment

Cancer gain nutriment and oxygen from capillary(1th). In the blood vessel including capillary, blood flow is one way only. And in capillary, blood flow is very very slow(4th). And cancer does not stop growing and segmenting(8th). So cancer costs much sugar(2th, 3th, 8th). Gain nutriment and oxygen from capillary, one way flow, enough slow flow and cancer waste much sugar constantly. This four factor is all of the reason of the disadvantage. Tumor mass of cancer is a community of selfish cells. Cancer just absorb sugar so selfishly. As the foremost cancer cell absorb sugar so selfishly, the concentration getting lower(6th). In low concentration, absorbing sugar is more hard. And follow cancer cell can absorb more stingy sugar. At last, more than more than more stingy sugar is allowed for last cancer cell. Cancer cell can't control its waste in malnutrition. So proper malnutrition may can kill only cancer. Some specialist have a speculation that the biggest tumor mass of cancer inhibits other cancer mass from growing(reference, S. Biswas et al., "Inhibition of TGF-ß with neutralizing antibodies prevents radiation-induced acceleration of metastatic cancer progression" J. Clin. Invest. 117:1305-1313 (2007) ). This speculation can be explained by malnutrition. The biggest tumor mass of cancer cause little malnutrition and the malnutrition inhibits all of cancer mass from growing(on same meals). Other speculation can be explained by malnutrition

"Healthy Diet, Exercise Might Lower Chances of Cancer's Return


In above news, tell us some fact that can be explained also by malnutrition.

'Vegetarian diet cause lower chances of cancer's return for only few years.'(In news)

Vegetarian diet has low calories and it cause slight malnutrition but as the time flows, human body can be adapted for vegetarian diet. So, after adaptation for vegetarian diet, there is no malnutrition. Therefore, there is no reason for lower chances of cancer's return after adaptation.

I think that the growth of cancer may depends on the blood-sugar level and the length of the time of enough blood-sugar level(Additionaly, the position of cancer and the size of tumor mass of cancer) like Photoperiodism(5th, 6th).

Generally, rich in vegetables and other plant-based foods mean lack of calorie. For example, calorie of cabbage 1kg is only 294 kcal(in Korea food & drug administration). But vegetables and other plant-based foods have various essential minerals and vitamins. In this writing, malnutrition means only lack of calorie. Absence of essential minerals and vitamins cause serious disease.

I am a korean and it's too hard to write with english to me(or for me? this is just a grammar confusion). So if you have great korean skill, I'll introduce my blog link( I have no advertisement in my blog. I'm just have no Job. I'm studying for Job.

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Anaerobic exercise is more good for fatness than aerobic but not good for wrinkles.{In fact, periodical exercise is related to increase of SOD. SOD can delay to aging by preventing active oxygens from get changed into free radical. So periodical anaerobic exercise is not much bad for aging}(about 1th)

If you ingest food with a little lipid, you may can get fat. but If you ingest food with no lipid, it's very hard to get fat. Unfortunately, it's too hard to ingest food without lipid.(In 7th)

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